“The Digikids of Westminster”

Social media marketing agency that brings together content creation, data analysis and strategic advice.


Our production team is made up of trained cinematic filmmakers, who work closely with our data scientists, to make sure that the content created is shown to bespoke audiences at the right times. Content is the most important part of any campaign and tailoring this content for the online audience is essential when using social media.


We use a variety of tools including Geo-Targeting, Lookalike Modelling, Predictive Modelling, Cross Device Targeting, Lead Generation and Lifetime Value Weighting. With billions of online users and devices, businesses must narrow their target audience in order to effectively reach a receptive audience.



Our consultants are leading experts in the social media space. We advise large corporates, Prime Ministers, Secretaries of State, Ambassadors and many high profile clients worldwide. Learning from our analysis, our consultants are able to adapt and innovate according to their expertise and our predictive modelling.


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