When should business take a stance? Digital event

In 2020, we worked with PRCA to produce an introduction video for their Corporate Group’s virtual relaunch event, entitled ‘When Should Business Take A Stance?’. The event explored different ways in which businesses responded to cataclysmic events, and was organised as a forum to discuss important questions surrounding corporate social responsibility in an ideologically polarised world. 

We produced a promotional animation video for the digital event. This video took the form of a dynamic 2020 round-up timeline which leads the viewer through the year’s most thought-provoking and controversial events. It stresses the relevance and urgency of the talk’s points of discussion and was shared both as a promotional video for members and attendees ahead of the event and to introduce the event as it took place.

'Responsive and creative'

'Westminster Digital partnered with doDifferent to produce a video that promoted and introduced the annual PRCA industry event. We found them to be responsive and creative. We were very happy with the end product, the feedback was positive, and we would happily recommend them to others.'

Adam Honeysett-Watts Head of PRCA Corporate Group