Department for International Trade

Launching the Australia-UK Free Trade Agreement

Post-Brexit, in a time of uncertainty and opportunity for Britain, The Department for International Trade turned to us for an empowering promotional video used to publicise a bold new trade deal between Australia and the UK.

For this project, we liaised with the Departments for International Trade in the UK and in Australia, working across the departments in both countries to organise filmings in order to produce video content. One example of such video content is the launch video that we filmed for the Australian Free Trade Agreement announcement conference which took place on Zoom, attended by the Australian Trade Minister. 

The promotional video we produced depicted the special partnership between Australia and the UK. Our emphasis was not just economic, but focused on the next chapter in a long history of friendship and cooperation. To capture this shared story, our video included pieces to camera of the Minister for Equalities and International Trade and the Australian High Commissioner. We filmed this video on the Cutty Sark, a symbol of Anglo-Australian trade dating back to the 19th century – an emblem of our pioneering past and ambitious future together.