Meet the Team

Craig Dillon

Craig Dillon

Tom Dixon

Tom Dixon

Managing Director
Charlie Coopersmith

Charlie Coopersmith

Creative Director

Charlie Messenger

Digital Producer
Jonah Wilder

Jonah Wilder

Digital Producer

Westminster Digital Internship Programme 

Westminster Digital run an Internship Programme throughout the year, made up of 2 schemes in which we train young people to gain experience at the UK’s leading political digital agency. 

Future Producer Scheme

We are looking for promising young editors, videographers and animators to work with our Westminster production team.

This is a fast paced working environment and you will be out on the road helping the team, working with various MPs from all parties, attending charity events and visiting embassies.
You will be assisting with planning, production and editing for key individuals from Ambassadors to the Prime Minister. These roles are usually filled by people with film and creative background or students. A showreel of previous creative work is required.
Previous Interns on this scheme worked on Boris Johnson’s Leadership Campaign, travelling the country to attend events with Boris, helping to produce quick turnaround social media videos. 

Digikid Scheme

We are looking for people interested in politics, social media marketing, data and targeting to work with our Westminster Digital team.


You will be helping to shape the future of the political world, working with MPs so they can speak directly to the people that voted for them. Bring new ideas, creative ways of reaching the political unengaged. How can a politician engage with a voter who only likes to watch Love Island or the Kardashians?
This role involves working with our account managers to consult on how clients can increase their reach and engagement online. Suited for those with a background in PPE/Marketing/Business or students.
Previous Interns on this scheme helped to create a new Government Department, The Department for Veterans Affairs.

If you are interested please email a CV to


More information:

What qualifications do I need?
If you have a passion for digital, you’ll be welcome here, regardless of your education or background. We look for creative people who have tried things in the past, whether that be filming videos on your phone, writing hilarious Tweets  or studying at University.
What support will I be given?

You will be working alongside experienced experts who will be able to guide you through your journey at Westminster Digital and are always available to provide advice and guidance.

What benefits can I expect to gain from the experience?

You will get face to face time with senior individuals from both the corporate and political world, expanding your network and learning on the job. You will also get to work alongside leading social media experts and learn how the world is re-positioning in the digital age.